The Grand Italian Trail 2017

The Grand Italian Trail or the Sentiero Italia is a daunting trek. It’s a fairly new 3,750+ mile footpath through the Alps and Apennine mountain ranges in Italy. It’s much more imagination than actual mountain route. My attempt to hike some variation of it in 2017, has led me to this conclusion. I’m growing frustrated trying to plan for this thruhike. The internet offers little information and certainly no detailed maps. I don’t speak fluent Italian, so some materials are hard to understand. What I have concluded is that only a handful of people have thruhiked the trail, and there are no guidebooks or few waypoints logged.

For 6,100 km, The Grand Italian Trail  stretches the entire length of Italy from Trieste, bordering Slovenia to The island of Sardinia. It follows the spine of the Apennine Mountains in Italy and spans the Italian Alps including the stunning Dolomites. The hike promises stunning mountain vistas, amazing history, unmatched art and culture and plenty of carbs!

Divided into 368 sections, the Sentiero Italia is an ambitious and sometimes difficult trail. Further complicating matters is the Italian ban on wild camping.


I have reached out to a couple of guys who have hiked the trail and they have commiserated with me. They told me they were constantly lost, especially south of Rome, and had real trouble finding the route. All part of the adventure I guess.





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  1. Hi, my name is Lillo and me, my girlfriend (at the time) and my dog walked the Sentiero Italia from the very southern tip of Italy to border with France. It took us 4 months of the summer of 1999 and other for months of the summer of 2000. I am almost done editing a book I wrote about it ( unfortunately in Italian) and it has a lot of potentially useful information.
    It was frustrating to say the least.
    e-mail me if you have questions.


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